Kevin Meltzer
Web Developer - Firefighter - EMT - HazMat - Technical Rescue


I make a living as a web developer. I've been doing so for over 20 years. I'm mainly a LAMP developer, and have the typical alphabet soup of skills. I tend to shine doing back-end work, but will try to tackle anything thrown at me. I'm currently employed, full time, and not doing consulting work. At one point, I wrote a book and numerous technical articles.

My real passion lies in the realm of Emergency Services. I'm currently a Lieutenant and training officer with the Wilton Fire Department, an EMT with the Wilton Emergency Squad, a HazMat Technician for Saratoga County, and a Rescue Specialist with New York Task Force 2. I'm always eager to learn, train, teach and be the best responder that I can.

Outside of work and various activities with emergency services, I don't have much of a social life. I spend a fair amount of time watching TV, reading, cooking and playing Call of Duty.

I'm a sarcastic guy, with a good sense of humor. Although, I may be the only one who thinks so. I'm opinionated. I can be all business. But, I can be all fun. Depends on the situation.



  • 1998

    The Kid

    In college now, trying to figure things out. She's smart, and I'm very proud of her.

  • 2009

    The Cat

    He's always plotting to kill me.
    And, he's an asshole.

  • 2017


    He's my buddy. I got him on 9/10/17, and we've been pals since. He's a Basseweiler, loves to play and thinks he's a lapdog.

  • 2007-2014

    The Dog

    She was my buddy. I miss her.

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